Memoires 15


Officials at BYU worked diligently to provide students with spiritual and educational examples of leadership and good moral examples of life. Every Wednesday at 10:00 in the gymnasium one of two classes was held. On the first and third week the class was called “Forum,” and on the second and fourth weeks of the month the class was called, “Devotional.” Each class was worth a half-credit. Students who signed up were on their honor to attend, which meant, of course, that Sandy and I and our other immature freshman friends would usually cut the class. The last day of class a computer punch card was given to each attendee and marked as to the number of classes that had been missed. If one noted that he’d attended 80% or more, half credit was given for each course. Anything less and no credit was given. Four half-credits (two credits) allowed the student to skip one semester of required Religion courses.


On Forum dates the school brought in nationally and internationally known speakers, not necessarily Mormon but nearly always conservative political thinkers. Examples of such speakers included conservative news commentators Paul Harvey and William F. Buckley, Jr. Devotional speakers were generally high church officials or other noted LDS speakers such as Steven Covey. It was an excellent forum but a little too mature for my gang and was one of many missed academic opportunities while at BYU. 



Sandy went home for the summer and I stayed in Provo. Mrs. Allen invited me up for the weekend and I hitch-hiked from Provo to her home and to show my gratitude for the invitation I washed all her cars and offered to be a valet car parker for her Sunday guests. She was very impressed at my initiative and when I got ready to leave she handed me a $20 bill. I was ecstatic and at her invitation returned each weekend for the balance of the summer. I earned a bit of spending money and watched and learned. The experience at Green Acres was certainly the most I’d learned about culture and life while in college.

Thus ended my freshman year at BYU.

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