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I didn't date much my freshman year (except for nurse Margie described below) as I spent most of my time acclimating to everything new - academics, culture, religious persuasion of those around me, and life in a dormitory. One of our dorm mates, Sidney, hailed from North Salt Lake City, a working class part of the town. Although Sid was a Mormon, his working class roots gave him more in common with me than with many of my other dorm mates. He frequently invited me to his parents' home on weekends and was just simply a down-to-earth nice guy. Sid had dated his high school sweetheart, Vicki, for years. Vicki's father was a Physical Education teacher and they lived on several acres which they farmed. Vicki's best friend since high school was Margie, an only child whose parents had moved to Salt Lake City from England and whose father sold fallout shelters. Remember, this was the late 1950s and early 1960s and the Cold War with Russia was in full swing. Many in Utah believed a nuclear attack from the Russians was a very real threat. Add to that the Mormon religious belief that each family should have a two year supply of food stored in case of famine or other hardship, and fallout shelters (which were little more than an additional cellar usually located under the front lawn) were big sellers. Both Vickie and Margie decided to forego university life in favor of nursing school. They were student nurses and Margie's parents bought her a powder blue 1952 Chevy to get back and forth to school.


Sid took me home with him one particular weekend and we double dated. Margie and I hit it off and we dated most of my freshman year. Since I had no car and Margie was willing to drive the 40 or so miles to see me on weekends, she became my main (and only) squeeze. Margie was atypical of most girls attending BYU. She was spoiled rotten by her parents, and had the heart of a hippie. She was laid back and open to nearly any type of adventure. Margie was not only a good girlfriend, she was a good friend.


 By my sophomore year Sid and Vickie had broken up. Sid had dropped out of school to work and I was still dating Margie so I fixed Geno up with Margie’s best friend Vickie. Of the four of us (Geno, Vickie, Margie, and myself) only Margie had a car so our dates were always double, except for the weekends we spent in Salt Lake when Geno stayed at Vickie's parents home. Once we bought the Packard, however, Geno was liberated from the back seat of Margie's Chevy and spent more time in the back seat of the Packard with Vickie than in class. By the end of the school year, Geno had been academically dismissed from BYU, was expecting a baby, and he and Vickie married. I gave him my half interest in the Packard as a wedding present and he completed the rest of his education at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City while he, Vickie, and the baby lived with her parents.


Geno graduated from the University of Utah and moved his family to Silicon Valley where he became the CEO of a company that was a major player on the computer component scene. As mentioned above, Geno was very bright. But he also had a unique personality trait. When he attacked a problem he worked on it until it was finished. He might go 72 hours with little sleep, and even then the naps came in the lab or office, while surviving on fast food that was ordered in. His offbeat manner and personality were perfect fits for the young company that had hired him. He thrived and has done very, very well and today lives on an estate atop a hill that overlooks thousands of acres of unspoiled government land.


Margie and I eventually broke up although we remained friends. She began dating Sidney and they eventually married. One day, after she and Sid had been married for years and had several children, Margie decided the traditional life was not for her. She was a hippie at heart and left her husband and family to join a commune. She’s been rarely heard from since. Sid remarried and and has had a good life. Geno's marriage ended after a dozen or so years but he remains close with his children and grandchildren.


As for me, well, Sid married my girlfriend, Margie. Sid's girlfriend Vicki married Geno, and I got away Scot free... at least until my senior year.

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  1. scorpiotiger

    this is so much fun to read….

    November 26, 2010
  2. Memoires

    Thank you.

    November 26, 2010